Monday, November 17, 2008

Why grow with LED lights?

LED grow lights promote fast and vigorous growth while providing up to 80% energy savings over HPS & Metal Halide grow lights.

LED grow lights have undergone extensive testing and are proven in the field. The spectral output provides the right blend of light suitable for all stages of plant growth. From seed to flower to fruit. LED grow lights are used in over 18 countries worldwide and are used by growers ranging from the home hobbyist to the large commercial greenhouse.

Why not supercharge your plants growth and save money, not only will plants grow faster but they will grow healthier and it will cost you less on your electric bill. LEDs emit no heat therefore no cooling is needed. LED grow lights are available in any size from common small circular lights to hanging panels.

Besides huge energy savings, LED grow lights emit virtually no heat. No heat means there is no additional money or energy wasted on cooling or cooling equipment. No heat also means LED grow lights are very discreet since there is no thermal footprint. Most LED grow lights are designed to operate for over 50,000 hours. There are no expensive & hazardous bulbs to replace. Ever.

So in conclusion anyone who has a green thumb or wants to get into growing plants of any kind should definitely consider going with LED grow lights.If you do not believe me check out the links on the left of the page for customers testimonials and get a price range on your led grow lights.